With Grateful Hearts

Mrs. Elizabeth Ameyaa Brakatu (First Lady) and the leaders of Women’s Fellowship North America of the Apostles’ Continuation Church International extends a very warm thank you, to Chairman Apostle Brakatu, Apostle Charles Anokye-Manu, Apostle Kinsgly Afarie, Pastor Safo Kantanka, Overseer Owusu, Presiding Elder of New York(Driver), Montreal church Leadership, all the women and men who came from, Toronto(both branches), New York (both branches), Ohio, Calgary, and Montreal to support out first annual Women’s Convention.

Given all your busy schedules, nevertheless you took the time out to support the Women’s convention to a successful conclusion. Your effort and your financial support were all appreciated.

We are hoping to continue working with you wonderful women of God out there in all of The Apostles’ Continuation Church branches in North America, as we labour to improve our relationship with Christ, our Husbands, and Children. We know, you will not hesitate in support of our other church branches in North America for Women’s Convention in the coming years.

We would like to say a special thank you, to all those who accepted visitors into their homes. We have been informed of all your fantastic hospitalities, gifts in different forms, to the leaders and other church members. We pray that God replace in multiples of what ever you lost.

Finally, May the Lord Richly bless every one who contribute to the success of this Women’s Convention. For those who were not able to provide, may the Lord provide your needs both financially and spiritually so that in the coming convention you may be able to contribute to the work of the Lord.

Mrs. Elizabeth Brakatu (First Lady)

Note of Thanks
I would like to thank A.C.C.I. Montreal branch for your hospitality and support of my three weeks visit. For some of you, it was your fasting and prayers that enabled the success of the program. Others, it was your donations in different forms. The leaders of the church, as well as Men’s fellowship, Women’s Fellowship, Youth and the Anointed singers were wonderful. I hold you in high esteem.

It was a blessing participate in fellowship with you. May God continue to bless you and your ministries and anoint you to do more than what you did when I visited you in Montreal.

I am more than happy to share friendship with you any time. Even, if I have to travel by bus or train to visit Montreal;. Just call or email me and I will be there.

Again, may God bless you all; replacing anything that has beenlost through the support of the program when I was in Montreal.

Apostle Charles Anokye-Manu




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