Apostle Charles Anokye-Manu was born in Chiraa, which is located in Brong-Ahafo region, Ghana, to Elizabeth Ama Kyeremaa and the late Charles Kwabena Anokye-Manu. His parents were blessed with four children, with Apostle Anokye-Manu as the last born. Apostle Anokye-Manu accepted Jesus Christ at the age of eleven, and was a member of Ghana Scripture Union, Chriaa.

His hometown, Chiraa, is a very small town where the majority of the people are mainly farmers and the highest educational institution is elementary school. However, Anokye-Manu’s family perceived education as a tool for future success. As a result, some of his brothers and sisters were financially supported and encouraged, and therefore had graduated from university through the boarding school system in Ghana. His father later realized that it was time to move closer to the city, where some of the best academic high schools were located. With this move, his younger son would have a better chance of getting admission into one of the best secondary schools in the country and would be able to follow in the foot steps of his older siblings who had completed university. Apostle Anokye-Manu successfully completed high school and obtained a G.C.E “O” leaving certificate.

When Apostle Anokye-Manu completed high school, he could not find a job in Ghana. Consequently, he migrated to Nigeria. In Nigeria, Apostle Anokye-Manu worked as a secondary school teacher. He was satisfied with the teaching job and the salary. However, he moved back to Ghana to continue his education, that is, to fulfill his family’s dream, which was completing a university education.
In Ghana, Apostle furthered his education by successfully completing G.C.E “A” level, RSA stage III and finally cooperative college.

Though Apostle accepted Jesus Christ at the age of eleven, he had stopped attending church service, took life into his own hands during his school days and the time that he spent at Nigeria. In addition, even though the Apostle had obtained G.C.E. “A” level and RSA stage III, life was still difficult for him in Ghana as he could not find a job. Meanwhile Apostle had witnessed some of his classmates who had traveled to countries like Great Britain, Canada and America, and were able to find some jobs and make money to support their family. Therefore he decided he wanted to move to one of the above mentioned countries for a better life. Apostle tried to obtain a visa for these countries, but after many attempts was unsuccessful.

After many years of struggle, a friend of Apostle introduced him to The Apostle’s Continuation Church International. His first visit was an all-night prayer service. When Apostle visited Continuation Church, his first impression was that the Pastor of the church was going to pray for him so his next visa interview would be successful. Instead, during the prayer session the Pastor stopped the prayers and began to prophesy that “Apostle is going to remain in the church, get married in the church and become a pastor, then eventually become a Pastor in one of the overseas churches”. After the prophecy, the pastor started to pray for Apostle. Instantly he fell down and began to speak the spiritual language (Holy Ghost baptism). After the Holy Ghost baptism, Apostle decided to give his life to Jesus for the second time. He started to attend church regularly and participate in most of the church activities.

After serving the church and participating in church programs, Apostle recognized his call to serve the Lord in his life. Consequently he was enrolled in Bible College at Duayaw-Nkwanta, Ghana. He completed his pastoral training in three years and was ordained as a pastor at The Apostles’ Continuation Church International, Ghana in the year 1990. He then started his pastoral services at Duayaw-Nkwanta, and later transferred to Senya in the Nkranza District, Ghana.

At Senya, God used Apostle to perform miracles and wonders, as it is promised in the Bible for those who serve the Lord sincerely. Most of the miracles involved barren women who were able to give birth to healthy babies, crippled people who walked again and blind people who were able to see. The church leaders at that time who reorganized the miracles of God through Apostle Manu’s services to his people were astonished. Hence, they agreed to transfer him to Half-Assini in the Nzema district, Ghana where people needed a servant of God who was knowledgeable to teach the Word, anointed to heal, and able to cast out demons.

Half-Assini is a place in Ghana that was regarded as almost impossible to plant a church. He spent five years in this town. God helped the church to build a Temple and a mission house. It was the first time that the Continuation Church was able to build a Temple in the Nzema district. After completing the church building and the mission house at Half-Assini, he was moved again to Tema, Ghana.

In Ghana, Tema City is considered one of the busiest cities. This city is compared to New York, where people are always on the run everyday twenty four hours. The miracles of God were seen by the people of Tema City through Apostle Anokye-Manu. At first, Continuation Church at Tema used to worship in one of the school buildings. After three years in Tema, the congregation increased and the church started to build their own temple which could accommodate about two thousand people. He was then appointed as regional Pastor of the Greater Accra region. Subsequent to his regional appointment, he helped with the building of other churches in Achimota, Ashamang, Botiano and other cities. Finally, Apostle was moved to Barrier-Accra, Ghana. While he was serving Barrier district, Apostle contributed to the writing of the fourth edition of the church constitution.

The leaders of the church were pleased with Apostle’s humbleness, and considered him as a true messenger of God. In March 2003, he was ordained as an Apostle of The Apostles’ Continuation Church International. In addition, he served as the Pastor’s council secretary and executive council member.

After Apostle became dedicated Christian, a word in the Bible such as study to approve thyself, caught his attention. Also, he was always thirsty of the Word. For these reasons, he was enrolled in International School of Christ at Medina, Accra. He completed the program and was awarded a Missionary and Pastoral certificate.

In November, 2003, Apostle was invited to participate in an international Pastoral conference in South Africa. He considered the conference very rewarding and insightful. It gave him an opportunity to meet other Ministers who were anointed and knowledgeable in the Word. This gave him an opportunity to learn different views and techniques of marriage counseling. Besides, Apostle had participated in pastoral training in both local and international Christian conferences.

Apostle Anokye-Manu attended his nephew’s wedding at Minnesota, USA. After the wedding, he spent some time at the Apostle’s Continuation Church International, Branch in New York. Apostle had already forgotten his first prophecy that he would pastor in one of his dream countries to live (USA, Britain, and Canada) when he was a teenager. The New York church had requested that Apostle Manu be allowed to stay in New York to help build the church. The church head office accepted the request and Apostle Manu was granted a stay in New York for a period of time.

After spending four months with the New York church, he was appointed as the Apostle of the Apostles’ Continuation Church International, North America.

As is clear from the background of Apostle Anokye-Manu, almost everywhere he goes, God’s miracles and wonders became evident. He is married to Sara Anokye-Manu and is blessed with four children named: Collins, Abigail, Isaac, and Agnes. For all his pastoral success, he gives thanks to almighty God, his family, church members and all those who made a difference in his life. The family works together as humble servants of God and of their fellow church members in both North America and Ghana.




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